how to preview your apps in app inventor mit

For now, you can develop only android apps using appinventor mit, you can do this as we see using Windows, IOS systems, or GNU/Linux platforms.

You should develop your app via web browser, then test and preview it through many ways as we will see in this post.

Apps preview in Appinventor mit

Apps preview methods in app inventor mit

The app that is created in the App Inventor can be previewed in several ways, that includes MIT AI Companion app for android or IOS devices, you can also use a USB cable, apk file, and an Emulator.

#1. Preview on Smart Devices

1. Install the (MIT AI Companion) app from the Google Play Store on your Android device, or download the iOS app if you use iPhone or iPad.

2. There must be an Internet connection for both the computer and the smart device through the same network.

3. Open the Hello World app that was previously created.

4. Open the "Connect" menu on the "App Inventor" platform and select the "Al companion" command.

5. Point the phone's camera at the code that will appear on the screen, and press the (Scan QR code) button to launch the application on the phone.

6. Click the "hello world" button on the device to test the app.

appinventor mit preview apps on smart device

#2. Connect with USB Cable

1. Connect your device to your computer via a USB cable.

2. Choose the (USB) command from the (Connect) menu to run the program on the device.

appinventor mit preview apps via USB

#3. Run the Emulator

The emulator is a virtual smartphone interface that the application is tested on through a computer, and the Emulator method is used when it is not possible to obtain a smartphone to test the application.

appinventor mit preview apps via Emulator

How to set up appinventor Emulator?

1. Go to the Emulator website on your browser.

2. Choose an appropriate system and download it.

download appinventor emulator

3. Run the installer file to set up it, follow the default installation steps by pressing the Next button until the program installation is complete.

4. Run the Emulator after installing it, type "ai2 starter" on the start menu, or click its icon. 

start the Emulator

5. Let the Emulator as it is, and go to the App Inventor window.

6. Choose the Emulator command from the Connect menu and wait for the emulator interface that appears in its own window to be prepared, as follows:

appinventor emulator

7. Wait until the app is displayed on the Emulator.

Hollow world app on appinventor Emulator

8. Click the (Click Me) button to trigger the event of pressing the button and the text changes in the title tool and the text (Hallow World) appears in it.

Now you can move forward to create your first real app.

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