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Have you ever been puzzled by how conversational AI agents including Alexa and Siri work? How do they interpret what you're pronouncing to them and hold close your intent? How do they then understand a way to as it should be and meaningfully reply to you? 

In this app inventor 2 project, you're challenged to create your first actual very own voice code calculator using Voice User Interface (VUI) as you construct a voice-pushed calculator that could do simple mathematics operations.

Automatic Speech Recognition is one of the maximum well-known subjects in Machine Learning nowadays, with numerous freshmen each day making an investment of their time and understanding into it. 

App inventor Voice Code Calculator App

In this post, we can construct an easy voice code calculator app in app inventor 2, that takes speech as entering and returns speech (Voice Recognition) as output. Inputs consist of integers and primary mathematical operators, at the same time as outputs are the end result of the operation uttered through the user.

Voice Code Calculator App Objectives

  • Use some features of modern smart devices, such as the text to speech and voice recognition features.
  • Creating AI app using app inventor 2 capapality.

App Tools

Tool #1: Label

PaletteUser Interface


Use: Show the "Question" title.

Tool #2: Label

PaletteUser Interface


Use: Show the text of the question that is converted from the voice Recognition after pressing the button.

Tool #3: Label

PaletteUser Interface


Use: Used as a separation between to digest.

Tool #4: Label

PaletteUser Interface


Use: Show the "Answer" title.

Tool #5: Label

PaletteUser Interface


Use: Show the text of the Answer and convert it via TextToSpeech component.

Tool #6: Button

PaletteUser Interface


Use: Prepares the app to receive speech, convert it into text, and process it for mathmatic operation.

Tool #7: SpeechRecognizer

Palette: Media


Use: Convert voice to text.

Tool #8: TextToSpeech



Use: Convert text to voice.


Start app inventor with a new project,  use add screen button on designer view to insert multiple screens in the project.

Voice Calculator App design

App Blocks

App Preview

  1. Choose Al companion command from the Connect menu.
  2. Point the phone's camera at the code that will appear on the screen and press the (Scan QR code) button to launch the app on the phone.
  3. Speak to the phone in a clear voice using phrases for basic arithmetic operations.

App QR

Voice Calculator App-qr code

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