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In this app, we will use the multi-screen technique in appinventor mit to the link between screens. introducing Physics and Mathematics Laws and making the basics calculations.

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Physics and Mathematics Laws App

it's too easy to add many screens in appinventor mit app, we can do that using the button event and "open another screen" handler, that is we will do in this app, to use this feature to collect  Physics and Mathematics Laws performing basics calculations.

App Objectives

  • Use multi-screen.
  • Perform basic calculations in appinventor mit.

App Tools


Tool #1: Label

PaletteUser Interface


Use: Display titles and calculations results.

Tool #2: Button

PaletteUser Interface


Use: carry out mathematical operations and laws.

Tool #3: HorizontalArrangement



Use: Arrange the components on the screen horizontally.

Tool #4: VerticalArrangement



Use: Arrange the components on the screen vertically.

Tool #5: TextBox

PaletteUser Interface


Use: Entering law numbers by the user.


start app inventor with a new project,  use add screen button on designer view to insert multiple screens in the project.

Physics and Mathematics Laws App screen

App Blocks

Use the "open another screen" control to link screens.

Physics and Mathematics Laws App block1

Use labels, text boxes, horizontal arrangement images, and buttons tools to design project screens.
Use logic and text blocks to formulate the laws equations.

Physics and Mathematics Laws App block

App QR

Physics and Mathematics Laws app QR

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